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Rape Acquittal

My client was charged with allegedly raping his teenage step-daughter in 2005 in the County of Prince George for events that were alleged to have occurred in 2003.  After we were approached and retained, we immediately sprung into action. When you are charged with such a heinous crime, time is of the essence. As the documents and reports rolled into the office, each page was combed over meticulously in search for discrepancies, which there were.  After review all the documentation, it was clear that the step-daughter was having a hard time with her new step-dad, but she was too immature to address the issue. With consent of the mother and the step-daughter, we were able to sit her down and question her as to what led to these allegations.  During her taped statement with a Private Investigator, it was clear that the girl was remorseful and fully recanted my client’s wrong doings.

On the day of Court, we were able to turn the alleged victim/prosecution’s witness for my client, which infuriated the prosecution team.  The prosecutor was so mad that he requested that the girl be taken to lockup in the back, which did nothing but solidify our case.

When the girl returned, she was more adamant than ever, which lead to my client’s acquittal.

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