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Amended DWI

My client was charged with a DWI, 2nd in December of 2015, in the County of Prince George.  Knowing this was a serious matter, he hired our firm to represent his interest.  After reviewing the facts of the case, I realized that I had my work cutout for me.  There was no question as to guilty or innocence, and all I could really do is make sure that my client was ultimately bruised and not buried.

After extensive negotiations with the Commonwealth Attorney, I was able to get him to agree to reduce the DWI, 2nd down to a Reckless Driving, which in itself was great. My client went from having mandatory jail time, having to jump through all the hoops and requirements that come with a DUI, and the excessive fines, fees, and insurance premiums that come with a DWI to agreeing to a Reckless Driving, which carries demerit points on your driving record and a potential insurance increase.

Because of this great result my client was ecstatic knowing that he did not have to pull jail time and ultimately saving him thousands of dollars in fines and fees.

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